I’ve had bad teeth since I was a child. Though I’ve never had anyone say to me that I could have a better smile. El Centro Dental made my smile so much better with dental implants and crowns. I’m so much happier.



Wendy J
Coordinator, Imperial
Family Resource Center


I feel younger and happier since I did my dental at El Centro Dental.  I used to try not to smile because of my old fillings. Now, the fillings have all been replaced with porcelain and my teeth have porcelain veneers. They feel strong and I can eat anything.  (By the way, this has improved my general health).  And, the staff at El Centro Dental treated me with respect and dignity.”

Elsa D
Retired Registered Nurse

“My teeth have been good all my life, but I suddenly got a dental disease and several teeth had to be pulled. Dr. Siman and I talked about the pros and cons of dental implants versus a bridge.  I decided to go with implants.  I didn’t want to take the bridge in and out.  The entire staff at El Centro Dental has been very friendly and nice.”

Kevin M
Deputy Sheriff, ICSO



“I really recommend the El Centro Dental staff.  I had a gap in my teeth that always bothered me.  I have had it fixed several times, but the bonding just isn’t permanent.  When Dr. Siman said that porcelain veneers would be more permanent, I had it done.  Even he got excited about my smile after he finished.”

  Dana H
  Executive Secretary
  Hotville Chamber of Commerce


“I wanted a fuller, brighter smile.  Dr. Siman and the El Centro Staff provided me with options I didn’t know I had.  They have services most dental offices don’t provide.  It’s a dream come true to have a dentist like this in Imperial Valley.  You would think you’d have to go to LA or San Diego for this kind of dental work.  Now, have perfect smile in just two office visits!”

  Michele W
  Brawley Resident


“Terry used to have migraine headaches at least twice a month.  Since Dr. Siman replaced her old fillings with porcelain and the old bridge with implants, she hasn’t had a single migraine.  It’s been over a year! The work Dr. Siman did for her was so successful; I decided to replace my cheap dentures with good ones.  My new ones look so much better and now my bite is correct and I can eat better.  My face even looks different!”

John and Terry M
El Centro Resident


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