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If you have been avoiding your dental visits for any of the following reasons you should consider IV sedation.

  • Fear or Phobia
  • Anxiety
  • Too busy at work
  • Bothered by sounds of the dental instruments

You Don’t Have to be Afraid Anymore. How long have you been hiding your smile behind your hand or putting up with pain? You're not alone. Millions of people share your fears and apprehensions. Don't let fear take away the benefits of healthy and beautiful smile.

At El Centro Dental you can have years of neglect comfortably corrected in just one or two visits using Sedation where you will be relaxed while having your dental work done.  

We understand how you feel.

Safe IV Sedation techniques mean you can have years of neglected dental work done quickly. You will be amazed how totally relaxed you feel. You'll feel like you slept through your treatment and have little or no memory of the time spent in the office. 

You can overcome your fears and enjoy good dental health. Satisfied patients say, “It changed my life!”


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